Special Needs Ability  Program, Inc. (SNAP)
Fundraising Program

How it Works

- Families electing to participate in our Fundraising Program will be required to complete a fundraising agreement that outlines their needs and provides information that will be used to market their cause. Fundraising

Website Page
 - Each family will have their own Fundraising Ledger & Information Page on the SNAP website, accessible only through secure means and for private viewing to only those authorized by each family.  The link for this page will be included in all correspondence letters requesting fundraising assistance sent to local businesses by SNAP on behalf of your family. 

Your Fundraising page will include your family’s special need and what you are raising funds (iPad, Assistive Technology Device, Vacation Choice) and the associated Cost, Funds Needing to be Raised, Date and Amount of Donations Received, Balance Needed (to date), and Dates and Amounts Paid by SNAP Towards Your Goal.  Fundraising page will also include a secure means for those wishing to donate online to your family by credit/debit card, as well as, additional information on where they can mail a check or money order if they wish to do so. 

Fundraising is Easy!!!

Device Fundraising

Once your Fundraising Program is established:

- SNAP will assist you with your Fundraising efforts (as described on this page) until your Goal is reached

- Once your goal has been reached SNAP will procure and ship the Device to you

Cruise Vacation Fundraising

Once your Fundraising Account is established:

- Each family is responsible for making a cruise reservation with Autism on the Seas, including the required deposit (typically $200 or $500)

- SNAP will assist you with your Fundraising efforts (as described on this page) up until the Final Payment Date for your cruise (can be as much as one year in advance).

- At the Cruise Final Payment Date:

- If your cruise payment balance is zero (through Fundraising) then your cruise is paid in full, and you’re all set to vacation

- If there is a remaining balance you will have two choices:

                1. Pay the remaining balance, or

                2. Cancel your reservation at NO cost to you, as your deposit will be refunded in full

Note: More details will be provided once you have made a Request using the Form below, or you may contact us with questions now.


Fundraising Program Request

To request a Fundraising Program Agreement please complete the information below.  If you have specific questions regarding the fundraising program please use the comment section below or call us at: (800) 816-5235.  Thank you

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Last Name:
Address Street 1:
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Zip Code: (5 digits)
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