PURPOSE OF THE RAFFLE:  We were blessed with three donated vehicles over the past eight years. Sadly, we discontinued one of our programs last year after an incredible five-year run because the cost of repairing our van used to haul our “Lawn Care In A SNAP” trailer.  The cost of repairs became much more than the van was worth over the past year.


We still use our trailer for our program and need something reliable to pull it. Sadly the decision was made to lay both our truck and van (which are no longer running) to rest. Now we need to find a good used Van, SUV, or Mid-sized truck for our program, and we need your help to raise funds.   


Thank you, Jamie Grover, Executive Director-Founder


RAFFLE DRAWING:  All tickets will be entered into Raffle River so that you can see our goal progress online. The winners will be randomly drawn and posted by Raffle River upon the close of the Raffle at midnight on November 30, 2019. Winners will be notified by phone and via email.  You can keep up with our progress and see the winners when they are automatically selected by Raffle River at: https://raffles.ticketprinting.com/raffle.jsp?raffleID=9261


YOUR PURCHASE:  We will send you an email with your tickets attached upon purchase.  You will automatically be entered into Raffle River.  Thank you for your support!

We Need A Van Raffle

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